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Synexus Clinic Research is committed to enhancing patient care through the development of new pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical devices.

We have joined forces with Synexus Clinic Research (SCR), a well-known research company to provide access to clinical trials within our practice. They will have a presence in our office beginning Summer of 2014.

This will not only give our practice the opportunity to contribute to the pursuit of medical knowledge; it may also provide you, our patients, access to cutting edge treatments and studies.

As a community-based site network, SCR teams up with local physicians to set up clinical research sites within established medical offices. By partnering with community practices, SCR is able to facilitate the rapid recruitment of reliable and qualified trial participants. The partnerships also foster a higher level of study compliance, as our board-certified physicians give participants expert medical attention during the trial.

SCR’s staff members are also extremely passionate about patient care. They make it a priority to make our participants feel welcome, comfortable and appreciated. Additionally, all clinical staff members are NIH certified and, upon meeting the requirements, clinical research coordinators are certified by an interdependent association to ensure the safety of our participants.

Since 1992, SCR has successfully completed thousands of clinical trials. Through excellence, accuracy, quality, innovation and compassion, SCR has become a leader in the field of clinical research. Should you wish to contact SCR staff in our office please email them at milehighpc@synexusclinic.com.

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