Our Services

Primary Care Medicine

Mile High Primary Care is a full-service Family Medicine practice providing health care for all medical conditions through all age ranges. We care for newborns through our most seasoned of citizens.

Physical exams and screening for a variety of health conditions are important parts of health maintenance. We provide the full spectrum of screening evaluations. We provide immunizations.

When needed, we refer to specialist care including inpatient hospital care. We participate with most insurance plans in Colorado and are happy to arrange payment as appropriate. We provide hours at our Fraser Street location on Saturdays.

Urgent Medical Needs and Walk-In Care

We realize that sometimes illness and injury don’t occur on a schedule. We allow for Walk-in appointments with our patients as we are able. If you have an urgent need, call or walk-in first. If we are unable to see you on a walk-in basis, we may need to refer you to a local urgent care clinic or Emergency Room.

If you are unsure whether your concern is an emergency, please call 24/7. Our doctors or our emergency after-hours doctors can help you decide if a visit to the emergency room is needed or not.

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Electronic Medical Record

The benefits of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) include safer prescribing, ready access to needed information, built-in reminders, efficient office practice, and more coordinated care. Mile High Primary Care is in the top 10% (in a recent New England Journal of Medicine survery) of all physicians in the USA in that we use a fully functional Electronic Medical Record.

Osteopathic manipulation

Kevin Scott, D.O. is happy to provide manipulation therapy where appropriate for back or other musculoskeletal pain syndromes. Simply schedule an appointment for evaluation. In some cases referral may be necessary.

Lung Testing / Spirometry

We are able to perform basic lung function testing, sometimes called spirometry. If you have been a smoker, or have a history of shortness of breath or any lung conditions, we would love to provide testing and monitoring for you. This test can determine the level of function of your lungs currently and follow that function over time. This service is provided at our Chambers office.

Immediate Coumadin testing results

For our patients taking Coumadin to thin the blood, we have added the convenience of onsite immediate INR testing. Now you can know right away whether your blood is too thin or not thin enough, and have your dosage adjusted without waiting for results.

Synexus Clinic Research

We have joined forces with Synexus Clinic Research, a well-known research company to provide access to clinical trials within our practice. They will have a presence in our office beginning Summer of 2014. This will not only give our practice the opportunity to contribute to the pursuit of medical knowledge; it may also provide you, our patients, access to cutting edge treatments and studies. If you are a candidate for any of the studies in which we participate, we may contact you to discuss that candidacy. If you notice a study on our website that may interest you, please let us know. There are often stipends available to patients for participation in clinical trials.

Testosterone Replacement

Many men have found significant clinical benefit from Testosterone replacement when levels are found to be low. We provide this treatment for appropriate patients when requested. We are one of a few local practices who provide Testopel, implantable testosterone pellets under the skin. This treatment lasts 3-4 months at a time. We also provide Aveed, a long acting testosterone injection that lasts for 10 weeks in some cases. These 2 cutting edge therapies are provided along with the standard gels or weekly injections at Mile High Primary Care. Ask your physician or PA to discuss these options if you feel you are a candidate for this treatment.

Dr Lewis is piloting this new and innovative service. Save time and money by avoiding the urgent care. We are currently looking for a new partner to provide this. Please keep an eye on this site for our next iteration with a new partner coming soon.

Patient Portal

We are pleased to offer this service to our established patients. This portal allows online access to selected portions of your medical record including medication lists, visit summaries, lab results and the ability to request appointments at Mile High Primary Care.

This portal is offered in conjunction with our EMR software vendor, E-MDs.


MHPC is in the top 10% of all physicians in the USA in that we use a fully functional Electronic Medical Record, according to a recent New England Journal of Medicine survey.