LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online

Now introducing LiveHealth Online virtual patient visits.

Dr Lewis is again piloting a new and innovative way to improve care and access. Introducing Live Health Online, an Anthem company. They are providing the platform for online visits with Dr Lewis.

These appointments can be scheduled through our office schedulers, by calling for an appointment. Just request an online appointment and they will do the rest.  Alternatively you will be able to schedule via the website once you are logged in.  These appointments will be available over the noon hour initially. As we gain more experience and confidence with this platform, we will consider extending the after-hours availability. Please feel free to share your thoughts and reviews of the platform and what you like and don’t like about it.

These visits will be billed exactly as if you were being seen in the office. The visit will be approximately 15 minutes in duration. The same copay and charges will apply. We can take copayment/balance payment over the phone, or bill you separately. Please make your preference known when you schedule your appointment.

There are some medical conditions that lend themselves better than others to online appointments. Please don’t schedule for conditions that may require vital sign measurements, specific physical examination, or laboratory / xray testing. This will be a learning process, and we are excited to move toward the future with you, our patients.

Steps to begin:

  1.  Sign up for Live Health account.  Click here to get started.   The process will include signing up or logging in, then entering a service key (milehigh) so you can access Mile High Primary Care via Live Health Online.  Then you will test your computer or device to make sure your hardware will support the visit.  This document will provide some guidance; LHO PE Patients Guide to online visits with Mile High Primary Care
  2. Schedule your appointment via calling our office or via the Live Health Online website.